By Lydia Sterry | Submitted 2024

Existential supervision is a confidential process designed to enhance awareness and foster a reflective mode of being for both the supervisor and supervisee. This blog explores various dimensions of Existential Supervision based on insights from supervisees' experiences.

Existential Supervisor's Presence:

Existential supervisors are characterized by a calm, relaxed demeanour, creating a space for meaningful interaction. Their free, spontaneous, and non-directive approach facilitates a supportive climate for the supervisee. The supervisor's focus, curiosity, and interest contribute to an environment where exploration and self-reflection flourish. The absence of criticism and a "daring to be oneself" further enrich the supervisory relationship.

Relationship Between Therapist and Supervisor:

Existential supervision often adopts a dialogue-based relationship, emphasizing the absence of rigid rules. Non-verbal dialogue and a sense of community with the supervisor contribute to the richness of the therapeutic alliance.

The Process of The Supervision:

The supervision process involves exploration, marked by deep pauses and slow-moving immersion. This explorative experience provides insights into the essence of difficulties and encourages self-awareness. Supervisors skilfully navigate the process, offering subtle direction and focus without imposing solutions. The outcome of existential supervision may lead to emotional changes, the delivery of valuable questions, and a perception of situations as something new.

The Result of Supervision:

Supervisees report emotional shifts, gaining a unique perception of therapy processes and personal aspects. The delivery of valuable questions, rather than definitive answers, allows for continuous exploration post-supervision. The unexpected and new aspects encountered during supervision contribute to a deeper awareness of feelings and personal features.


Existential supervision cultivates a culture of reflection and growth, transforming mistakes into opportunities for learning. The approach encourages open discussions on challenges, ethical dilemmas, and personal reactions, fostering curiosity and continuous improvement. Rooted in the existential framework, this supervisory approach adapts to the supervisee's needs, complementing other modalities and offering a refreshing and stimulating experience.

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