A podcast that explores what it means to be human

Contributing to creating an existentially healthier world by discussing practical approaches to mental health

What are these mini podcasts about?

They involve exploring some common concepts that come up in most existential therapy sessions. Each one explores a common existential concept and expands it further in simple language using different creative analogies. Each series look at conversations, for example, about your relationship with death, endings, responsibility, freedom, choice, how you relate to other people, your sense of belonging/wanting to be different... Overall, they explore your relationship to life. You could reflect on these in your own time or even better, bring the ones that stand out for you into your next therapy session to explore another layer of them. There are always more layers.

So far, there are 15 in total with more in the making. They’ll be uploaded at varies intervals on the progressive process YouTube site. If you click subscribe after watching, you can be notified when new ones are uploaded.

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It is advisable to continue reading the information below to give you a more understanding of how to make the most out of the podcast information.

Is this another ‘self help’ podcast?

This is not a typical “self-help” piece of work, it’s a mini existential piece of work where it looks at the things that are a part of the human condition or a part of the very experiences that make us human. It looks at showing you a window into the ways you might take stock of your life and how you might re-evaluate your choices. At some point in our lives, we become aware that there are many human experiences as well as many ‘life moments’ that are not generally spoken about. This podcast experience looks at breaking some of them down to try to see them more clearly. It focusses NOT on solutions but rather on trying to turn conscious moments into conscious choices, to see them in full light.

What’s the rationale behind creating these mini podcasts?

My feeling is that we can have some of these existential conversations before or during difficult times in our lives. We don’t necessarily need to feel scared of them or go out our way to ignore them when they inevitably arise. But we could possibly start working on building some existential resilience around them by making a start to discuss them.
There’s no right way to deal with life struggles but there are different options for different people. These have been highlighted with a depth of understanding and consideration to question, challenge and reflect on the many interactions you might be having in your life.
The experience creates an opportunity for you notice the ‘temperature’ of your surroundings and to make a choice as to how you might like to make certain adjustments to your character. You’ll be presented with a space to question your usual familiar responses and reactions to life in order to be more informed.

As a therapist, what are my expectations of YOU watching/listening to this podcast?

I’d love to say none but that wouldn’t be true! My expectations mainly involve for you:

  • To not just listen/watch but to make ROOM to contemplate and reflect on all the material.
    Aristotle, all those years ago discussed how the mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. And it may well be worth first entertaining all these thoughts to see if they click or not. With the parts that click, you may want to do more of your own research, rummage the internet, read books/articles, ask questions, seek therapy, take courses on the relevant parts that STAND OUT for you.

  • To EXPERIMENT and possibly apply some of the information to everyday life rather than going back to your life as before

  • To appreciate how improving ourselves is a CONTINUOUS lifelong journey

  • To understand how this podcast information is just the BEGINNING of an ongoing process
  • As a client, what might be YOUR possible expectations of watching/listening to this podcast?

  • To throw away the expectations of seeing flashy lights, fun ‘pop up’ graphics or any other amazing images (and to remember I’m a psychotherapist not a programmer)

  • To put aside your frame of reference or your ‘lens of understanding’ of what you already know

  • To step out of churning around in the same familiar material that you find from T.V, movies, novels, social media, news and so forth, towards understanding how you may be existing or living in life

  • To connect to the ‘reality’ of your behaviour INSTEAD of maybe being soaked in a self-talk narrative about how you think it is

  • To put on the shelf your ideas and expectations about your everyday encounters and to try to make space for something new

  • To understand how sometimes things that are right in front of our noses and are not truly noticed until someone may call them to our attention
  • Please remember how these experiences are only that – experiences.

    What you make of them is entirely up to you. My hope is that you open a new understanding of yourself while immersing in all these short imagery processes. That also, being with these experiences, in your own reflections, starts to make you think about your life in a deeper way.
    Learning about this stuff tends to be a process that requires great patience, perseverance and sometimes discomfort. It also requires deliberate thinking, action and reflection time. It’s not naturally present in our personalities from birth. Expecting it to be, is equivalent to expecting dogs not to bark. We are innately social beings, but we’re not innately born with knowledge of possible healthy ways of connecting with ourselves and others in life. As babies we’re guided and reliant on our caregivers to feed, clothe, and nurture us, to keep ourselves safe, physically, and psychologically. However, by the time we reach adulthood, we may be at a loss. We may continue to learn and exist through the old and new connections around us, but we may have taken a few wrong turns and picked up some bad habits along the way.

    Working though all of this, along with our bad habits, is a conscious development:

    This type of conscious development is not for the faint hearted. The journey requires bravery, determination and a commitment to your own evolution. By making a start with this podcast series shows how you’re willing to make a dent in deconstructing some of the walls you may have up. You’ll possibly started to open doors to different rooms within your psyche, especially to the ones that might have been dark and scary.

    Things to Remember:

    Sometimes doing this ‘work’ can feel difficult. Especially as it’s not always easy when behaviour patterns are so ingrained and automatic. Though more often than not, it’s more about NOT turning away from taking a good look at yourself and certain actions/behaviours. You might want to remember how it’s useful to continually welcome these dialogues. So, you can release any fear and face up to the reality of how you’ve been living your life. Standing in this with courage and strength tends to create space for humbleness, compassion, and a more stable inner core.

    Future Recommendations - So, how might you maintain all this?

  • YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE ONE OF THE IMAGINARY CONCEPTS from the podcasts and try to put it at the forefront of your mind for a few days or for the week. You could use ‘post it’ notes or timing reminders on your phone to plant the seed to help you ‘spot’ or be aware of specific imagery moments. You could try to stay with the awareness of the ‘moment’ for the time frame you choose and welcome the different options discussed.

  • Maybe a big part of this whole life ‘gig’ and being human is about COMMITTING TO WORKING ON OURSELVES, MORE CONSCIOUSLY. However, commitment to our own personal development can be tough at times. It’s ok to take breaks from this work and to start again when you’re ready. The work is not going anywhere, it will always be there until you address/face it. We may need to take breaks from sharpening our vision of these imaginary moments. Ultimately the purpose is to lead you to feeling much lighter and more engaged with life.

  • THIS WORK IS PART AND PARCEL OF WORKING ON OURSELVES AND NOT DRAGGING IT ALL WITH US TO OUR GRAVES. It can be a mighty piece of work to commit to. Continuing to take periodic deep dives into the different processes, to try to make sense of another layer of understanding them, is something well worth investing in. You may want to continue to give yourself the attention and time this space deserves.

  • There may be a point where you are wanting to move into an EVEN DEEPER RICHNESS OF SELF-AWARENESS. Should this be the case, joining a local psychotherapy group or having face to face/online individual therapy may be the way forwards.
  • The OVERALL experience:

    Overall, these podcast experiences have been written with an open philosophical attitude to give you the opportunity to wonder, explore and develop your own understanding of ‘how’ you might be interacting with life.

    It is recommended for adults and teenagers.

    Hope you enjoy the ride of discovering all the endless possibilities you might take from them.


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