Schedule a mini GROWTH group engagement

Tailor made therapeutic mini speaking engagements for Schools, GP surgeries, Hospitals, Corporate Businesses and many more...

Shopping centres might hire independent doctors to LOOK at hygiene/responses to viruses.

Retail businesses might hire marketing specialists to ASSIST with their marketing campaigns.

Other businesses might hire independent contractors to PROMOTE areas they’re lacking in.

The trend now is ALSO to hire a professional psychotherapist to SUPPORT businesses with various psychological issues/struggles.

For example, has there recently been a tragic disturbance, a suicide, a robbery or anything that has shaken a group of your employees to the CORE? Are you finding it’s taking too long for things to naturally settle back to normal? Are there work employees who are just not ‘getting along’? Are there a cluster of customers at the moment who are particularly challenging?

Whatever the situation, you do have the option to bring in an independent psychotherapist to speak about any of these and other DIFFICULT topics. The reality is, if you want a RAINBOW, you have to put up with the RAIN. However, many businesses are at a loss as to how to work with the rain PROFESSIONALLY to create a HEALTHIER workplace environment.

This 3-HOUR mini GROWTH group engagement package includes:

60-minute POWER POINT material UNIQUELY DESIGNED and tailored for your organisation
60-minute QUESTION and ANSWER time
60 minutes PRACTICAL ‘TEAM DIGESTING’ segment
‘Jargon-Free’ Electronic HANDOUTS

All equipment (if relevant/needed) is brought on site and may include:

Exclusive existential therapeutic tools (including an assorted array of over 200 transportable MINIATURES, EXPRESSIVE MASKS, PICTURES, ANIMATED GLASSES and other various engaging props)
A Portable Screen
A High Tec Quality Microphone
And other useful materials.

The TOTAL COST is $510 which includes travel (within a 10km radius) and other expenses. There are no other hidden costs.

Useful information to think about:

What might be your desired chosen topic?

Could you put together a brief outline of the context you're looking to cover?
Could you reflect on what makes you choose this particular topic?
What might be the number of participants that may attend?
Where might your location or internet platform preference be?

Is there any other material you think would be valuable to reflect on?

Struggling with topic ideas?

Previous topics requested in the past have been about:

Employee TEAM BUILDING - Increasing Stronger Workplace RELATIONSHIPS

Engaging RESISTANT Clients – Understanding the psychotherapy behind customer service

Difficult Workplace DYNAMICS – How to Get Along

Engaging resistant clients: Uncovering our blind spots.
Employee team building: Fostering stronger workplace relationships.
Navigating difficult workplace dynamics: Exploring co-existence.
Employee wellness: Achieving work-life balance for those experiencing burnout.
Processing traumatic experiences: Tailored support for professionals in demanding environments.

These topics and more can be adapted for small or large groups, in-person or on internet platforms.

Employee WELLNESS -Work/Life Balance for The BURNT OUT/EXHAUSTED Employees Digesting ‘DEATH or other TRAUMATIC Exposure’ - Specifically for Police, Nurses, Paramedics and Other Professionals

Addressing all perspectives of BULLYING – Out of Control, Passive Aggressive/Aggressive Behaviours in The Workplace

Teacher/Child Care/Day Care Struggles– UNDERSTANDING the psychotherapy behind Difficult Children/ behaviours

Increasing Enthusiasm/DRIVES Towards Work – Tackling ‘Just Doing the BARE MINIMUM” Employee ANXIETY/Anger management – Focussing on HOW to Lower the Levels

These topics and many more can be adapted to cater for small/large groups, face to face or on internet platforms.

If you would like to know more about these mini GROWTH group engagements, please email to discuss more details.