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Tailor made therapeutic mini speaking engagements for Schools, GP surgeries, Hospitals, Corporate Businesses and many more...

Shopping centres might engage independent doctors to assess hygiene and responses to viruses.
Retail businesses may hire marketing specialists for assistance with marketing campaigns.
Other businesses often bring in independent contractors to promote areas where they lack expertise.
A contemporary trend is the hiring of professional psychotherapists to support businesses dealing with various psychological issues and struggles.

Therapeutic mini speaking engagements, in this context, involve brief presentations or talks designed to provide therapeutic benefits in different settings, including schools, GP surgeries, hospitals, and corporate businesses. In diverse professional settings, organizations often seek specialized expertise.

Examples of therapeutic mini speaking engagements in various settings:


Stress Management: Techniques to identify and manage stress, including deep breathing exercises and self-reflective practices.

Bullying Prevention: Raising awareness about bullying, its impact, and strategies to address and prevent bullying behaviours.

Time Management: Tips and strategies for students/staff to improve habits, manage time effectively, and reassess commitment.

GP Surgeries:

Mental Health Awareness: Discussing common mental health concerns, reducing stigma, and providing information about available resources.

Self-Care Hygiene: Offering information and tips on improving self-care and developing healthy habits.


Coping with the Load: Discussions and strategies for staff to cope with emotional and psychological challenges in patient care.

Grief and Loss:

Addressing the process of grief and providing support for those experiencing loss.

Corporate Businesses:

Work-Life Balance: Strategies to achieve a healthy work-life balance, manage stress, and enhance overall well-being.

Team Building and Communication:

Interactive sessions to improve team dynamics, communication skills, and foster a positive work environment.

Resilience and Stress Management:

Tools and techniques for employees to build resilience, manage stress, and maintain mental well-being.


This 3-HOUR mini GROWTH group engagement package includes:

60-minute UNIQUELY DESIGNED PowerPoint material for your organization.
60-minute QUESTION and ANSWER session.
60-minute PRACTICAL 'TEAM DIGESTING' segment.
‘Jargon-Free’ Electronic HANDOUTS.

All necessary equipment, if relevant, is provided on-site, including existential therapeutic tools, a portable screen, a high-tech quality microphone, and other materials.
The total cost is $350, inclusive of travel within a 10km radius and other expenses.


Consider the following information when planning your engagement:

Desired topic.
Brief outline of the context you wish to cover.
Reflection on why you chose this topic.
Anticipated number of participants.
Preferred location or internet platform.

For those seeking topic ideas, popular choices have included:

Employee Team Building: Strengthening Workplace Relationships.
Engaging Resistant Clients: Understanding the Psychotherapy Behind Customer Service.
Difficult Workplace Dynamics: Strategies for Harmony.
Employee Wellness: Work/Life Balance for the Burnt Out/Exhausted.
Digesting 'Death or Other Traumatic Exposure': Tailored for Professionals in Intense Environments.

These topics and more can be adapted for small or large groups, in-person or on internet platforms.

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