Personalized Video feedback

Convenient, Discreet, Personalized Feedback for Health Professionals

Are you looking to open up your blind spots with video feedback from an experienced professional?

Are you looking to grow a fresh new perspective of how you’re working with clients?

If you have been practicing for years and years or have just started on this journey or are somewhere in between, it’s good to ask yourself;

When was the last time you volunteered to let another professional have a ‘look in’?

What habits might be forming or have been around for a long time that you might be doing unconsciously?

Have you possibly been improving, deteriorating or staying the same as a practitioner in the therapeutic space with clients?

It’s difficult to know how you appear in sessions, however, by taking the plunge to video yourself, you could receive instant critiques, along with practical and constructive feedback.

Do I need any special equipment?

All that’s needed is a phone with a camera and a table or a window ledge to place the camera on.

How much does it cost?

This personalized feedback package costs $300 and includes:

The observation session where I would watch the video from start to finish and record down my own observations and thoughts. These would be my sole observations of the session, where no other professionals are involved

A personalized feedback consultation, where we would have an online or face to face session together to discuss everything

Positives, negatives, general food for thought and snippets of the session where blind spots/comments/observations/habits are ‘zoomed’ in on without judgement.

How do I get started?

All’s that’s needed is for you to email to highlight your interest in purchasing the personalized feedback package.

Once you have received conformation you can then;

Think about your clients and try to choose a particularly ‘difficult’ client. Try to remember how we learn and grow from mostly difficult clients and from sessions that are ‘all over the place’ or ‘just awful’ or ‘so embarrassing’

Ask your chosen client for their permission to video the session

Ask them to sign a ‘consent form’ to give you permission to record

Set up the camera on your phone. It’s recommended for you to start the video five minutes before the client arrives and leave it running for five minutes after the client leaves

Conduct the 50 minute session

Write down some possible fleeting reflections of your own (with out over analysing if possible) and bring them to the personalized feedback consultation

Pay the $300 by bank transfer or by Paypal and book in your consultation by going to the contact page.

What do I do with the recorded video footage?

Email the video through ‘drop box’ or another familiar platform of your choice to

State your name and length of expereince

Highlight any areas you would like to focus on such as particular individual areas of concern, blind spots, body language, dialogue…

If you would like to know more about this personalized feedback opportunity, email or click here to book a free online consultation.