Personalized Video feedback

Convenient, Discreet, Personalized Feedback for Health Professionals

Are you seeking to unveil potential blind spots with insights from an experienced professional?
Do you want to cultivate a fresh perspective on your client interactions?

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just embarking on your therapeutic journey, it's beneficial to periodically assess your approach.
Consider the following questions:

When was the last time you invited another professional to provide feedback on your sessions?
Are there unconscious habits influencing your practice, and if so, what are they?
Have you been evolving, stagnating, or regressing in your role as a therapist?

Capturing a video of your sessions offers valuable insights and constructive feedback to enhance your therapeutic skills.

Some areas of focus during the review include:

Dedication and empathy displayed towards clients
Encouragement for clients to delve deeper into their own understanding
Demeanour in creating a safe and comfortable space for clients
Balancing warmth with challenging questions
Allowing exploration of sensitive topics without fear of criticism
Fostering a strong therapeutic alliance and trust
Consistently showing compassion and acceptance towards clients' experiences
Active listening and attentiveness throughout the session
Reflection of clients' statements
Validation of various emotions
Creating an environment where clients feel heard and understood

A personalized feedback package costs $250 and includes:

Observation of a 50-minute video session, personalized feedback in a 50-minute consultation, focusing on observations, blind spots, habits, and more.

To get started:

Upon confirmation, choose a client for the video session, preferably one presenting challenges or difficulties.
Request permission and have the client sign a consent form for recording. Set up your phone camera, starting five minutes before the client arrives and ending five minutes after they leave.
Conduct the 50-minute session.
Jot down your reflections and bring them to the personalized feedback consultation.
Email the video through Dropbox or another preferred platform to, including your name, length of experience, and any specific areas you'd like to focus on.

Reveal what's behind the curtain, fostering reflection, self-awareness, and continuous learning in your therapeutic practice.

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