Costs and E-Vouchers

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What is the cost of the Therapy / Supervision / Group / Workshop sessions?

I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation as a starting point where we can speak together about your needs. The first time we meet I'll ask you to give me a brief description of what you're looking for and I'll let you know how I may be able to assist you.

I find that people can get a good sense of me in this meeting and decide if we can work together or not. I'll confirm my availability and discuss more about the fees. If it feels like a good fit for both of us, we'll then be able set up our first appointment. If I don't think I am the best therapist/supervisor/group facilitator for you, I am well connected nationally and internationally and would be happy to refer you to someone who may be better suited to you.

The PRICES range between $150 and $250 for INDIVIDUAL psychotherapy and supervision.

The GROUP sessions are $25 per session and are paid in a block of 6 which is normally paid a week before the START date.

The WORKSHOPS vary in prices but can be found under the PD sections.

Remember if you think a professional is expensive, wait till you've hire an amateur.

I'll go the through exact current fees in depth once we've made contact. I do also offer a sliding scale to try to make the therapy/supervision/groups affordable for everyone.

Some might seem shocked at first at the amount the therapy/supervision costs. However, you may only be looking at the 50-minute work I do with you in the therapy/supervision, but that is not the whole story.

Please take note that the fees include overall:

  • Pre reflective and preparation work around you/your practice/case load
  • The actual therapy/supervision with you (which is normally 50 minutes)
  • Post reflective work around you/your case/s
  • Researching/preparing current topics around you/your type of case load
  • Connecting and speaking with relevant people/health professions such as previous or current social workers, community mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, support workers, parents, significant family members, teachers, principles and/or anyone else who may be important
  • My own (compulsory) supervision with a renowned supervisor to discuss certain details of your case (every psychotherapist by law has to have this)
  • Participating in compulsory ongoing regular training and CPD to maintain qualifications
  • Therapy equipment, phone costs, computer and printer, therapy digital record/program systems
  • Years of studying and training with quality Existential Psychotherapy professors in London
  • Years of paying for my own therapy/personal growth/blind spots journey with quality therapists in various modalities
  • Insurance, PACFA governing bodies memberships, rent and other business running costs.

The prices reflect all of this and is something you may want to take into account.

The general sliding scale options for therapy includes:

$150 for those with incomes below $100,000 or who are financially challenged or studying

$200 for those with incomes between $100,000 - $130,000

$250 for those with incomes above $130,000

The general sliding scale supervision options include:

$150 for those working for non-profit, studying or who are self-employed (part time)

$170 for those working for profit/commercial organisations and those who are earning over $130.000

$250 for those working for profit/commercial organisations and those who are earning over $180.000

Payments are normally made by PayPal, card, cash or bank transfers.

Will my insurance pay for the sessions/groups?

I'm not able to provide Medicare rebates to clients even if they have been referred by a private treating; Psychiatrist, Paediatrician, General Practitioner who has prepared a GP Mental Health Care Plan or any other consultants. Psychotherapists have not been given access to receive Medicare rebates although this is likely to change in the future due to demand.

If you have Medibank or ahm private health Insurance, you will be able to claim a percentage back depending on your level of cover. To check the percent please call your insurance and state my provider number: 1317322F. Generally, rates range between $44 and $70 per session after a rebate.

If you have Bupa private health Insurance, you will be able to claim a percentage back depending on your level of cover. To check the percent please call your insurance and state my provider number: J125661. Generally, rates range between $60 and $70 per session after a rebate.

If you have Police Health, St Luke’s Health, CUA Health, Phoenix Health Fund and Emergency Services Health workplace Insurance, you will be able book in 3 – 12 free sessions depending on your company’s level of cover. To check the number of sessions you are entitled to please call your work EAP insurance and state my ARHG Provider Number: PC21578T.

Overall the practice does not offer other health rebates but does offer:

Sessions throughout the week, during the day and some evenings
Sessions to suit YOUR time schedule *subject to suitability
Free parking on site
Sessions in a secluded purpose built setting away from busy roads, crowds and shopping centres.

If you are having online sessions and are paying from overseas (and not in Australian dollars) you can work out the cost of the sessions by clicking on this conversion WEBSITE.
Should you choose to pay by PayPal, the PAYPAL site automatically converts the currency using the CURRENT exchange rate at the time of purchase.

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SHARED therapy or supervision session – HALF THE COST

This is a new concept to the field and involves HALVING the cost with a friend/colleague/family member or someone else that’s suitable to make it more affordable.

You may also find yourself feeling extremely nervous about starting sessions and it may be more comfortable to have someone you know alongside you exploring their similar themes/issues too.

Please note that not everyone is compatible or suitable for shared therapy/supervision. However usually after an initial session we’ll have a clear idea if the shared therapy is going to be well matched.

Invest in a SPECIAL person. Invest in their GROWTH

E - Gift Vouchers are available for Therapy and Group sessions.
These vouchers could be a UNIQUE gift idea for someone you care about.

Gift vouchers, though well intended, might not be well received. However, once explained the gift may be seen as an act of caring about the individual and could assist them to improve the quality of their personal or professional life.

The E- card gift voucher could be emailed to yourself, to send to them at the appropriate time. There is unlimited space in the E- card to write a personal heart felt message.

These gift vouchers could also be used for courses/workshops *subject to availability, especially for those individuals who are looking for a present with a difference.

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Please note: It is the policy of Progressive Process not to refund unredeemed gift vouchers, however it can be transferable. All gift vouchers need to be used within three months of the original purchase date.

Below is a short video clip highlighting HOW your e-voucher could make a difference and WHEN professional help maybe NEEDED.