Psychedelic-Integration Psychotherapy

When used safely, psychedelics have the power to transform lives.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note: I am not medically qualified and would advise anyone wishing to use psychedelics to speak to their Doctor beforehand.

The use of psychedelic substances, including MDMA and Ketamine is currently illegal in Australia. Please do not contact me with requests for illegal psychedelic-assisted work, as I only offer post-integration support. I do not support or encourage the use of illicit substances in unregulated and illegal frameworks.

Integration Support:

After your experience with psychedelic medicine, integration is the time to make meaning out of both challenging and blissful experiences. This phase is crucial for translating the profound, often abstract realizations from the psychedelic session into practical, actionable changes.

I offer ongoing support (offered weekly, fortnightly) which provides the opportunity to build a therapeutic relationship with me, aiding in your continuous and organic growth following your experience.

Preparation After Your Psychedelic Experience:

The first two weeks after your psychedelic experience is when the brain is still actively trying to make sense of the experience. During this time, it is highly recommended to write down as much as you can about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Journaling is particularly beneficial during this period.

Flashbacks, emotional flooding, and confusion can be common and are normal. You may also find yourself dreaming more than usual; it is advisable to write down as many dreams as you can during this two-week period.

After two to four weeks, with your journal in hand, you’ll be ready to start the integration process.

The Integration Process Includes:

Reflective Therapeutic Discussions:
Detailed conversations about the beginning, middle, and ending of your psychedelic experience.
Exploration of emotions, visions, and thoughts that arose during and after the session.

Identifying Themes:
Recognizing and understanding certain themes and patterns from your experience.
Discussing how these themes may relate to your life and current issues.

Practical Application:
Supporting the development of new habits or behaviours that align with your newfound understanding and perspectives.

Ongoing Support after your initial block of sessions:
Continued therapy sessions offered on an ad hoc basis if needed.

“Bad Trips”:

Please note not every experience with psychedelics is positive and how it’s important to understand the negative challenging experiences a small percentage go through.

Challenging experiences, or so-called “bad trips,” can occur due to inadequate preparation, an unsafe setting, or overwhelming fear causing resistance to the drug’s effects.

While not all unhelpful trips have lasting negative outcomes, some individuals find themselves struggling after a challenging psychedelic experience.

Unfortunately, I am seeing this lately in my practice and if this is the case, you have come to the right place.

Some of the challenges and symptoms witnessed include:

• Sense of Brokenness: Feeling as if something is fundamentally wrong or broken within you.

• Fear of Impending Death: An overwhelming sense that death is imminent.

• Intrusive Thoughts and Feelings: Fears of unwanted thoughts or emotions intruding into consciousness.

• Derealization: A sense that things feel false or do not appear real.

• Isolation: Feeling locked out of the world and unable to connect with others.

• Unacceptable Revelations: Encountering what feels like truth but is unacceptable or unbelievable.

• Possession by an Entity: Feeling as if one is possessed by a spirit or entity.

• Haunted Feeling: Sense of being haunted by something that has altered mood or energy.

• Inappropriate Grandiosity: Experiencing feelings of grandiosity that do not align with reality.

• Disillusionment with Reality: Feeling disillusioned with mundane reality after glimpsing the sublime.

Professional Support:

• Seeking professional support can help make sense of challenging psychedelic experiences and facilitate the integration process.

• I provide a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment that can provide the necessary space to process and heal. To eventually transform the challenging negative experience into valuable, "digested" material that contributes positively to your personal growth and understanding...

If you are considering having a Psychedelic-Integration consultation, email or click here to book a free online consultation.