Support and challenge yourself or your clients with CREATIVE printable resources

Choose one, or a combination of these popular card sets that have been frequently requested by other clients and supervisees.

These cards seem to have a powerful therapeutic/supervisory effect. Some clients would ask at the end of the session, "Where did you get these from, where can I purchase them?" It became over time normal practice to just lay the creative cards out on the floor and for them to take pictures for their own use or to make their own. I've finally managed to put each cluster on a PDF, which is available for everyone to download.

Even after 20 years, I still use these resource cards in some of my sessions with clients and supervisees. It's mainly a tool that I might bring out to assist working through a particular theme or issue. Over the years I've added, adapted and changed the questions/statements to suit my practice. You may want to adapt, add, or change some of the questions/statements to suit you on your personal growth journey or in your therapy/supervisory practice. There are some blank spaces left on each cluster for you to add anything else if you choose.

There are four simple steps to go through before each of these card sets are ready to use:

  1. Purchase the PDF and open the document
  2. Print in colour or black and white (Although colour is recommended to keep yourself getting confused with the different sets)
  3. Laminate each A4 page
  4. Cut each one to size

The resource cards have been divided into 3 categories, just click the one below that is related to you.