eBooks for children

REAL CONVERSATIONS about what matters to children

These little e-books were not e-books from the start. Over the past twenty years certain parents and families from my therapy practice have struggled to address certain “taboo” topics with their children. Through many therapy conversations these topics were addressed head on and discussed with much care and sensitivity.

It was here I made the assumption that these topics would be a “walk in the park” for my own family. I thought it was be easy to switch between my “Professional hat” and my “Mummy hat” so to speak. How wrong I was. As my children started to grow, I realised I was fumbling all over the place when facing these topics.

So, as a family we started “making up” stories together before bed. We would work out what type of topics, characters and scenes we wanted, and the story would develop from there. We expressed the topics in a fun, non-complicated way, without being fuelled with fear or with a prejudiced tone. Soon it became one of the more popular activities to do before bed.

I started writing down the really good stories as not all of them were “hits”. I also wrote down the “real conversations” we would have about the things that mattered to them and the things they were confused about.

Over time there was so much material that my small tattered note book produced many word documents. From there I developed these little e-books. I think there are about 66 in total so far, with more popping up randomly as my children and my psychotherapy practice grows.

My children have enthusiastically created most of the art work and have proof read each book with a "thumbs" up. Overall, they've been written in a non-urgent manner and in a digestible way for most children to absorb. With an open philosophical attitude, each story gives the child the opportunity to wonder. Most of all though they have the potential to satisfy, contain and nurture any child's understanding of these "taboo" conversations and topics.

Please understand though how these little stories are not perfect. Instead they are hopefully a way to overcome any embarrassment you may have. They may also help to start the ball rolling towards having these very much needed, yet difficult conversations with your child or your young client. It’s worth noting too, how these books may not answer all your child’s or client's questions but will hopefully allow you to begin the journey of exploring these topics together. The eBooks have been written in a broad way and are targeted to five to eleven year old's.

Lastly, when you reach the "sex growing up talk" section, I do recommend reading both the boys and the girl's perspective, regardless of your child's or your client's gender. Even though the conversations and stories may overlap, it might help the child to grasp a more well-rounded understanding of this section.

I hope you and your family or your practice benefit and enjoy them as much as my family and clients have so far.

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