Gaining deeper KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS of how to make the most out of therapy

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More Understanding, More IMPACT

Developed by Lydia Sterry B.A (hons) M.A

Are you navigating your therapy journey blindly?
Do you feel confused about identifying aspects that could aid you along your therapeutic path?
Are you wondering what you could do before, after, or in-between sessions?
Are you open to learning how to use your therapy effectively?

This ONLINE VIDEO & POWER POINT program is designed to explore all these questions, offering you a reflective space to discover how you can make the MOST out of your therapeutic relationship.

General Course Description

Therapy is not about expecting to be told what to do or being given all the answers. It's more about experiencing and working through easy and sometimes challenging discussions with your therapist. Throughout the balance of humour, tears, anxiety, and so forth, consider your role in moving through this progressive process.

The course provides a much-needed understanding of the therapy process through a lens designed specifically for a therapy client. It highlights how to stimulate your thoughts on embracing the therapy experience more effectively and assists you in learning about what tends to make therapy more successful.

Online Course Materials

Videos Modules: 12
Slides: 80
Hand out files: 6
Approx. duration: 1 hour
Timeframe to complete: 3 months
COST: $50

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