How to make the most out of YOUR CHILD'S therapy

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More Understanding, More IMPACT

Developed by Lydia Sterry B.A (hons) M.A

Are you struggling to understand how to help your child use their therapy EFFECTIVELY?
Are you confused about identifying aspects that may ASSIST them along their therapeutic journey?
Are you wondering what they could be doing BEFORE/AFTER or IN-BETWEEN sessions?

This ONLINE VIDEO & POWER POINT program is designed to explore all these questions, showing how you could make the most of your child’s therapeutic PROCESS. It addresses delicate topics you may be hesitating with or trying to avoid, as well as other material you may be completely oblivious to.

General Course Description

With jargon-free language and analogies, this course explains in simple terms how to help your child 'work with', rather than against, their therapeutic journey, even when they might not realize it.

Your child/teenager's therapy involves expecting and working through some easy and sometimes difficult deep discussions with their therapist. Throughout the balance of humour, tears, anxiety, and so forth, consider your part in helping them move through this progressive process.

There are no secrets to the therapy process, only the willingness to understand it and to capture how you might be involved in the development of their process. Once you have a clearer understanding, it tends to be a much easier and less time-consuming process for your child to navigate through.

The course fulfills a much-needed understanding of the therapy process through a lens designed specifically for parents with a child/teenager in therapy. It highlights how to stimulate yours and their thoughts on how to embrace the therapy experience more effectively. It also assists you in considering and learning about what actually tends to make therapy more successful.

Online Course Materials

Videos Modules: 8
Slides: 45
Handout files: 5
Approx. duration: 1 hour
Time frame to complete: 3 months
COST: $50

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