Group Psychotherapy and Counselling

NO ONE'S JUDGING your past. You DON'T live there anymore.

The intention behind the different groups offered is to create an arena for Personal Development and self-discovery through the group participation. It is intended for people from various walks of life, from the generally interested and curious to practitioners of many different disciplines.

This is a space in which real discovery is made, dropping all the masks and revealing who we really are. We share our true selves, gain feedback and insights and grow through experiencing others and ourselves. The goal of our work together is to identify our limiting patterns and beliefs to enhance our interpersonal relationships as well as specific areas of interests.

We normally meet once a week, share ourselves and grow through feedback and insight. The whole group PROCESS explores how we are perceived and provides an opportunity to begin to understand how we may be experienced by another person. Through this process we then have an opportunity to start to look at ourselves in a different light, leading to understanding and exploring our behaviour more deeply.

All groups run for 6 weeks at a time and take place in a supported environment at the practice and online.

Below is a short clip highlighting some of the things you might expect from a group experience.

The groups running have approximately 8 - 10 individuals, who meet face-to-face with myself (an experienced group therapist).

Interaction between group members is highly encouraged and provides each person with an opportunity to try out new ways of behaving.

It is generally excepted that group members make a commitment to the group and understand how the content of the group sessions are confidential.

The cost of the group sessions are $50 per session.

Although anyone can join, there is normally a free assessment process before members can attend.

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Existential Self Discovery Therapy Group

An existential SELF DISCOVERY group addressing self-awareness and self-expression themes and struggles you may be experiencing at the time.

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